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Treating Covid patients in the Congo is challenging.

The COVID Pandemic has reached all corners of the world. In countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, it is hard to quantify the number of case and deaths due to lack adequate testing and public health resources. Our Project Congo Partner Hospitals have been busy caring for Covid patient and working to promote safety and public awareness about the disease.

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With equipment and medications from Project Congo and Colibri, our staff has been able to give life saving care not available at many other medical facilities , where even oxygen is not available.

At our partner hospitals St Vincent and CMCG, staff has access to personal protective equipment and patient can be placed on oxygen and cardiopulmonary monitoring.

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Our facilities are leading the way with vaccination clinics

Covid Hero Dr. Joseph Kakisingi

Project Congo partner physician Dr. Joseph was not content to just care for Covid patients in the hospital. He took to the fight to the streets, so to speak. 

He organized grassroots public health campaigns to promote Covid safety and help stop the spread of the disease. He made radio and television appearances to increase awareness. He organized women’s cooperatives to sew and distribute masks.  He met with local politicians and the provincial governor to plan and coordinate a Covid response plan for South Kivu. He used his musical talent along with his singing ensemble “Hope and Peace” to make music video on hand washing and social distancing.

He received the prestigious Team IRD-GL peace prize and was recognized as a “Change Maker” by Start Network and international humanitarian organization.

From all of the Project Congo team , we  just want to say “You are our Hero!”

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Simple steps can make a difference and save lives!

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Women sew masks

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Teams get out to spread the word about Covid safety

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Radio broadcasts

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